Vlog: *August 23, 2016* ~Organizing Baby Girl Clothes (Just in Case)!~

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Shayla Worcester says:

Not sure if this has been answered previously but, why did Andres find out the gender while you didn't? Just wondering :)

Vaquiox says:

I used to teach. Being a little late every once in a while isn't a problem — life happens. The problem is parents who are regularly hours late for no good reason, which isn't what you do so don't sweat it! :)

Teisha Lancaster says:

Melissa you have the BEST husband… for even attempting to do Emmy hair … I know sooo many guys who wouldn't even try!! He is so Sweet…. I Love your Family !!!

PrettyButterfly says:

can or will you do a video on what's in my hospital bag and baby bag? I am watching you and other for help my son's girlfriend is going to have twins and I got to freshen up on baby stuff and babies. Thanks

Jessica Anne says:

Do you have grocery delivery or even pick up at your local grocery store where you can order it and they shop for you and you pick it up? That might be a good option for Andres after the baby comes. :) Here it is only $5 extra totally worth it for those with young children, etc.

Scottish Mum says:

Hi, Melissa ! The perfect thing for heartburn is milk. I had terrible heartburn while I was pregnant & tried everything. And the only thing that worked, was a big glass of milk or milkshake. The bigger the amount, obviously the better. I promise you, it works wonders. :)

Clin'e A says:

gasx worked for me while i was pregnant for the heartburn and gas.

mehe85 says:

I feel like it's a boy! So excited for you guys xx

Elisha Collier says:

tell emmi and Maddie hi

Jayde Dixon says:

I'd love to see your new printer. I'm looking to buy a new one.

Jen Life says:

The second fruit you pointed to is called a Lychee in Australia. A delicious fruit and they go great in cocktails – yum

Mari M says:

Pickle juice helps me with heartburn… Maybe it would work for you too

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