Twin Pregnancy Vlog Weeks 19 + 20: Baby Clothes, Journals, Kicks | Kendra Atkins

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I can’t believe I’m already 20 weeks pregnant! Today’s video I have some new symptoms to share with you along with some new baby buys! Thanks for watching!

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Hi everyone! My name is Kendra and I create videos on beauty, health and much more! You can expect to see meal ideas, makeup tutorials, hauls, reviews and favorites videos. I am a huge fan of incorporating natural products into my routine and will always let you know what I love. Thanks so much for stopping by and I will see you soon!

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Mirjam Derungs says:

heyy :-) you ve done allready halfway :-) you look great . All the best to you :-)

Santeria O'Natural says:

You should do a house/ baby room tour! Love your videos btw

Bekki Lynn (beebop) says:

new to your channel and i'm loving these vlogs!

Jenna Lynn says:

Thought I'd share, since I always wanted to hear successful pregnancy stories while I was pregnant…

I had my modi (identical) boys at 36 weeks 4 days, they weighed 6lbs 12oz and 5lb 11oz. Totally healthy and went home with me 3 days later. I haven't watched many of your videos so I am not sure if you're aware of this, but modi twins should not be delivered past 37 weeks as the placenta can start to break down. Good luck with everything!

Jessica Keith says:

I'm 20 weeks also!! I love watching your videos :))

Geeky Chic says:

I'm not pregnant but I love watching these videos :) I think it will be helpful for when I am!

Christina Beeghly says:

Have you asked your dr or thought about compression socks? I know they're not pretty, but they may help with the achyness and cramps in your legs…not to mention, they'll help prevent your feet from swelling

Silke says:

So exciting! My husband and I just had our 13w5d ultrasound last Friday and we just found out we are also having Mo/Di twins!! So exciting! Find out in 3 weeks if we are having two boys or two girls!! Whoop to twin pregnancies!

Jas Vance says:

Watch the caffeine in tea. Most tea contains more caffeine than coffee. Will you be using natural laundry detergent for your girls?

Katy Gibson says:

So excited to find you channel. I am 15 weeks pregnant with baby no4 xx

Bethan Daisy says:

For you legs lie on the floor with your legs in the air resting against a wall it should help

Hello Kaily says:

You should check out Pink Blush Maternity online! They have beautiful dresses and they're super affordable :) My son is due in 3 days, so I can tell you all the side affects you're feeling are only gonna get more intense… BUT it's totally worth it :) Also, wait till you feel them start to hiccup. It's the cutest thing EVER!

Deanna E says:

I had a bloody and runny nose all of my twin pregnancy too! Hang in there!

Becky Dazzler says:

Adoring all your pregnancy vlogs! Im 15 weeks so I love following along :) xx

Arlene Turley says:

Where did you find your journals? I've been looking for a baby book, and I love that the one you found starts from pregnancy and goes all the way to 18.

Vicky Bastian says:

you are such a cute pregnant lady… glad to hear all is going good.. I look forward to your pregnancy video's, it is such a joy watching your belly grow..

Naika Rivera-Deutsch says:

You look so cute. I'm so happy that you're feeling better. I'm loving the clothes for the baby girls. They will look so cute. Take it easy and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

Megan Rooker says:

I just descovered your channel today, i love your pregnancy story! Congratulations <3 Praying for you and your cute little family :)

tiffany montoya says:

where did you get the journals from i love that idea

Shopah0lic26 says:

What are the prenatal you are taking? Cute clothes! I love Zara kids!

Alycea Miller says:

The embellished jeans are so adorable !!

Cassandra Simak says:

Where did you get your dress??

keisha brewster says:

omg you're getting big. Good job!!! babies!!!

emac1081 says:

When I was pregnant I started putting on weight around week 16-20…and I also felt "just big" but the more I grew the better I felt about my body…I just grew more comfortable with my preggo self. So hang in there! You look fab!

Missy Bittle says:

My twin boys are 6 1/2 months old. I am loving your videos because I can reminisce about my pregnancy. Enjoy every second of it! I was sick every single day, but I honestly don't even remember that. I miss feeling them kick and roll inside of me. We are lucky girls to get to experience twins!!

jojoles75 says:

FYI I heard not to use peppermint oil during pregnancy. My midwife banned it along with lavender, thieves oil and a few others.

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