Twin Baby Dolls go for a walk Dimples Ella Tandem Dolls Stroller Little Girl and Dolls Pretend Play

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Dimples Ella Tandem Stroller for Twin Baby Dolls, Unboxing assemble and Little Girl Grace and Twin baby Dolls go for a walk Pretend Play

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Tessa Lodder says:

die wouw ik alltijd al die 2&1

Aniyah Khan says:

Where did you buy the stroller

Kyrlian 243 says:

Le comprare una a mi hija con cristian

Nazlıcan Cetin says:

Merhaba ben ceylin

Nazlıcan Cetin says:

Merhaba ben ceylin

Nazlıcan Cetin says:


Siena Miller says:

I like that video

mahde mahde says:

حوي العبي بيبيالتن

Bobby Poko says:

Awesome video, thumbs up !!

Jay Choudry says:


Melanie Hernández says:

donde lo compro me encanta

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