Reborn Baby Chung and Mariah shop at Babies R Us and pick up some cute things for toddler Skylar!!!
Madison got a Joovy Stroller for her reborn baby doll Olivia. This is a Pink Joovy Toy Caboose stroller that fits the Joovy Doll Car Seat. Twin A Olivia fits perfectly into this reborn stroller [More]
Alex and I went to Attitude Dancewear to get a new pair of ballet shoes. He really seemed to enjoy himself. Here is a link to a short video showing the things I got there: [More]
Alex and I go shpping at Babies r Us to look for a new outfit for him….
We are looking for some cute newborn size or smaller clothes that fit baby Kennedy and decided to check out Old Navy!!
Meredith looks adorable in the clothes we bought for her from the Just A Tad 4 Dolls booth at the craft show last Sunday! Check out the clothes and other items for 18 inch dolls [More]
This is the last of the three videos we did at Burlington Coat Factory.
OMG!!! We have sooo many clothes for the babies that they are overflowing the closet!! Help!!!
taking my reborn babies liviana and novalieh out
Reborn Baby Doll Haul! Baby Clothing Haul for my reborn baby doll and silicone baby dolls. These baby clothes are for my collection of newborn baby dolls or realistic baby dolls! I love reborn baby [More]
This is the last part of my shopping day at Buy Buy Baby. We look at the clothes.
Showing the madness that is my baby clothes collection. I store away the off-season clothes so twice a year when the season changes I do the old switchero! You can also see I’m a wee [More]
Reborn Noel, joins me on shopping trip to Wal-mart, come see what’s new! Spring dresses! I say, “adorable”, you’ll see why. Reborns are life-like baby dolls not real babies, but I take them with me [More]
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Mario and I go to Target to look for some baby clothes!
Gabe is pretty heavy so I decided to buy a stroller for him while we were shopping at Babies r Us.