Shopping for Dance Clothes at Attitude Dancewear with Reborn Baby Alexander

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Alex and I went to Attitude Dancewear to get a new pair of ballet shoes. He really seemed to enjoy himself. Here is a link to a short video showing the things I got there:


Jay Allen says:

Sorry I mean he

Jay Allen says:

Awww y'all look so cute together she looks like ur twin

Jennasea's world 55 says:

I love your channel! I am getting my first reborn baby for Christmas and your channel has helped me so much! Also I am getting a preemie and her name is going to be Mackenzie!

Tisha C says:

how much is it to get into dance

Ashlynn Mcnees says:

I saw her walking dead case and it's so cute I want it so badly and I love your guys channel! I would love it if you replied bye !

Gia's World says:

I'm getting a Ashton drake doll for Christmas and her name is melody!!

London GILES says:

you are nice
to to your babys

Alice Ciccarese says:


Twinkle Star says:

if you go on juliesreborns1 they have the same baby bug a girl and it's name is Sullivan

Rebecca Duncan says:

will you please follow me on musically Marsha my musically name is Love Duncans

Keira Lamborghini says:

Hi Mariah so cute !Where did you get Alexander?

Katarina Bebic says:

cool i love babu

Gabi sien says:

hi it's my birth day today and I want to reach 100 subs so it would mean the world to me

Kawaii 2005 says:

so cute i love alx so much

Story Of My Life. says:

Not To Be Rude But Its Annoying When You Keep Saying "Babe."

love lifesong says:

i like saskia so much♥♥ i like ur saskia video too ♥♥ sooo u and ur dolls soooo cute

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