Shopping For Baby Clothes! FebVlog 4

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Shopping for baby clothes (and handbags!) in Bicester Village! I’m blogging every day in February – SUBSCRIBE to see more!
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Glitter Q says:

Your living room looks sooo cosy! Xx

JLCammack says:

I can't believe Lulu is going to be 4 already!

Sonya Marx says:

Fleur we still want to see the dresses you got in NY!!

Alice Kelly says:

My daughter has the white company dress in grey- it's beautiful. X

florenceandthemakeup says:

"you have a tassel on your forehead !" so cute

Ana Del says:

Piggie is so adorable. Seriously, I feel like cuddling with your dogs.

Bethanie Mantin says:

Squidge or treacle's head was in mikes crotch!

certainly madam says:

scrolling down to see comments on the fact that Jack has a girlfriend

Effi Tsournava says:

How exciting!

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