Shopping Baby Clothes At Babies R Us w/ Reborn Baby Doll Alex (Saskia kit by Bonnie Brown)

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Alex and I go shpping at Babies r Us to look for a new outfit for him….


Daniela Siliadin says:

why are you wearing the same clothes in your videos

emmaluvsreborns says:

The Bandit outfit is supriseing!

Emilee Whitcomb says:

Can we see your Mima in a vlog

chloesfuntown2001 says:

do u have a po box to where I can send u mail 4 the babys

Stephanie Forbes says:

I saw where Stephanie or maybe it was her partner uses a toothbrush and the spray bottle to take the hair. I know you where asking about that in an earlier video. you prob already know that though anyway Happy Thanksgiving

emmaluvsreborns says:

It's 25 degrees in Illinois!

pam 송이 says:

please introducing preemie size cloth

Kyra Elkins says:

have you seen the new su-lin doll they have 4 new ones

Makeupgall2011 Beauty con says:

I'm getting a sakia kit if I reach 200 subs please help

Andre Ka says:

at 0:59 there is an oulfit that kelly maple got and uploded tooday wat ilumunaty

RebornfanTitan says:

the outfit Mariah picked up with the plaid moose on it is legit as Canadian as it gets hahahaha

SaraLovesReborns 2016 says:

love seeing your videos

DJ Jordan says:

good reaction! :)

Kailyn Kubek says:

+Jaz Grant OMG I just realized he looks just like Mariah

Flor Wooz says:

I got my paradise galleries doll today.

Amy's Reborns and dolls says:

Hi can you please do more videos with kamiko and manny cause I am getting both of them if you can that's ok but I would really like it if you do thanks

Terra R says:

I am getting a silicone baby

Jaz Grant says:

who thinks Alex looks like mariah

Sokhoeun Ou says:

101st like

Super crafty gamer says:

100th like lol love this video

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