Outing/Shopping At Babies R Us For Reborn Toddler and Baby Clothes

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Reborn Baby Chung and Mariah shop at Babies R Us and pick up some cute things for toddler Skylar!!!


Gaige Middleton says:

Mariah girl drop your attitude girl GEEZ

Freya Jones says:

how much reeborns do you have because they look so cute together xxxxxxxxx

Freya Jones says:

he is so cute xxxx love your chanel

Kalani Atkins says:

Are you bring Skyler to the show this summer

Leah Walsh says:

why dont you show youre face

Kim Tilley says:

Can I get three likes for no reason

Reneesreborns1 says:

Hey i found some pacifiers at walmart they are Nuks that would look great on the K twins the boy one is white and green with a monkey on it and the girl one is white and purple with giraffes on it I hope you know what im talking about

Derrick Smith says:

can you send me a doll

Lois Gallucci says:

take out sklar in the new stroller system I love your mema can I have a shout out please

Alexia Soares says:

she should do a morning and night routine

BabooGalaxy 101 says:

I want sky so bad

Amanda Furr says:

Oh my goodness, not knowing who Jessica Simpson is just made me feel extremely ancient… :(

my babies_678 says:

I love the store babies r us

Madison 16 says:

You guys should try once upon a child.

mary burgess says:

when will mema be on camera

being Scarlett says:

Can you please take Skyler out in the stroller

Vanessa Ruiz says:

love your videos

Baby alives and Reborns says:

Thoose are called wubanubs is the lovey pacis

Kamryn Geddings says:

Please do a face revel

reborn community and emotional support group says:

so many cute stuff

The Jazzy'N' Yani Show says:

I love these videos

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