Checking Out Baby Clothes at Burlington For Reborn and Silicone Babies

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This is the last of the three videos we did at Burlington Coat Factory.


Reborns Rock 5 says:

Um hi if I am being a bother sorry but I am kinda newish and don't have friends I have only one reborn now cuz I had to order a new one anyways I was wondering if we could be friends here on YouTube again sorry for being a bother and wasting you time

kaelyn smith says:

My names Kaelyn

kaelyn smith says:

Hey give me your number an we can talk

Toy Time says:

Go next time with a reborn toddler

Kaylee Mccoy says:

adorable baby clothes

Destiny Jones says:

oh your very pretty

Mint Eaglella says:

Wow, so much baby clothes, where were u shopping

Destiny Jones says:

does she not have a mom

April Padua says:

Do you have snapchat

Desiree Thompson says:

you should go back with Sabrina or irise you could also go back with both

Borntobe Alippie says:

I love your channel and videos so much!!!

The R.E.A.L Princess says:

mariahreborns1 I love your videos and your also great yourself you have the greatest grandma in the world <3

labelle me says:

nice vidoe

Ariel Richardson says:

make a video

jadeea mcfarlane says:

did u get a diaper bag mariahreborns1

Daniyia Gray says:

can I please have one of your silicone baby plaese

Maci Lanini says:

I love Trey's hair cut

Marienet swart says:

It's my b-day today

Seven Super Teens says:

I'm making a addition for a chanel it's is a SAK Chanel is SST or SeevenSuperTeens so are you in

Crystal Retzena says:

please do more videos with Mario he's one of my favorite babies

Bianca Figueroa says:

Do a changing video with tommy

Bianca Figueroa says:

Can u do more videos with Tommy

Allison3756 says:

Do you know what size clothes fit a 16 inch?

Mary is “rebornmommy1314” putt says:

it would be so fun going shopping with you

Heaven Lockett says:

I love ur videos

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From: Gordon


Hey There!!! Don't Forget To View The Y.O.B.S.N. Video Before You Leave..