Carmen the Modern Mom | Using The Orbit Baby Stroller O2, G3 and Car Seat system

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A video showing the flexibility using the Orbit baby stroller and car seat system. Interchanging the car seat, bassinet and seats on the O2 and G3 frames


Mama Vendee says:

I have used those boards for years:D my kids love 'em:)

Alisha Truemper says:

thank you for doing this video. it was very helpful

Miranda Stanfield says:

Hi, I'm torn between the Stokke and the Orbit travel system. Which one do you like the most?

Missy Sippy says:

How tall are you? Also, what is the height difference between the strollers? Thanks!

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From: Gordon


Hey There!!! Don't Forget To View The Y.O.B.S.N. Video Before You Leave..