Best compact baby stroller YOYA

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Best compact baby stroller YOYA

The YOYA wheelchair is user-friendly, manoeuvrable, folds and unfolds quickly, effortlessly operated with one hand.
Baby stroller (Baby stroller) has a comfortable place for the child, it includes a soft mattress, a hood, with protection from rain and sun, there is a window through which the child is visible.
A compact baby stroller is an indispensable thing for those who travel with children! In the assembled form is placed everywhere, because the stroller transformer occupies very little space. The unique folding system of the Yoya stroller allows carrying it as a hand baggage to the aircraft. It is not difficult to build a wheelchair, because it is done with one hand and without anyone’s help.

The design of the stroller is free from sharp corners and protruding details. Textile parts of the stroller are easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

Light weight, only 5 kg and a special shoulder strap allows you to carry the YOYA stroller on your shoulder, which makes it as mobile as possible.
Age of the child is from 6 months to 4 years.
Luggage compartment with convenient access front and rear.
Five-point, adjustable seat belts.
Adjustable backrest inclination.


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