Baby Clothes Shopping At Old Navy for Reborn Baby Kennedy (Twin A by Bonnie Brown)

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We are looking for some cute newborn size or smaller clothes that fit baby Kennedy and decided to check out Old Navy!!


Super Girl1917 says:

I'm super glad that I'm subscribed to you because I love watching you videos!!!

Kirstin McIntosh says:

I love your outings

Melody's Fun Activities says:

Thanks clarissa for liking my comment :-D

Nakeeya Douglas says:

hi Mariah I LOVE your channel hope you see this GOD bless Byes.

cclol 34 says:

You should do a video about where you got all of your reborn i would love to see that

Samia Provenzano says:

Remember me mariah I gave you a shoutout

Dahni Wynn says:

you said you would name her claire

Oreo Power says:

were did you get kennedy from i really want one xxx

Queen lip balm says:

Hi mariahsreborn1

Ninacheer 101 says:

Can I plz have a shout out I really love ur videos and I hope too get a shout out sometime

Zykeema Brown says:

Hey were did you get your silicone from

HotlineKrxss says:


Red Sparkle Girl Lopez says:

what website do u use for picking give away winner?

Alesha Shasmeen says:

can you please make a video about all your babies like where they came from and there 'kit'. like kamiko from paradise galleries and she is called bamboo. just like that.

Whitney Cole says:

Can u enter me I am ur biggest fan I broke my wrist

Bridget Twomey says:

How old are you

paul live vor ort Janssen says:


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