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bgoblue says:

Have all notifications on! Hope you see this!

shesezthis29 says:

It's funny you mention Tuesday and Saturday is the same for you haha. I usually have my church services on Tuesday night and all day on Saturday.

sophie marsh-baldry says:

My dad works at range rover in Lewes !!

Phoebe Jh says:

Does anyone know the name of the café they go to in Lewis?

SammieAndFriends says:

Coffee cake doesn't taste like coffee!!! It's called that cause it's a cake you're meant to drink WITH coffee. Haha

Lachlan Smith says:

aaayyyyyyy STORMZY

Bethany Selchert says:

I wanna hear Alfie talk in an American accent

Blitzsplitz 29 says:

They should make another channel called Zalfie

Nell Piper says:

My brother was suicidal and killed hinself but you cheer me up ✨✨✨ every one turn the notifications on I know I am

Jessica shuttleworth says:

Love nala how old is she x

Laura RP says:

It's a stir fry. You chuck it all in at the same time. And stir while it fries. Dude

Louis Giles says:

of the baby

Louis Giles says:

the name is elesia

Sadie says:

just have a frigin baby

Maria Moore says:

That happened to me once but with my neck! My doctor said I slept wrong, my neck was in pain and I would get like numb down my arm

littleJJ26 girl says:

R u guys expecting

Ebony says:

I was eating a stir fry when you were (I know, cool story)

olivia_the_artist o.toomey says:

you need to be a mum zoella

Hay Simp says:

Like I get it, everyone click baits but don't be apart of a culture that is PURE LYING.

Robyn Steffen says:

someone link to the dog water bottle!!!!

Aimee Scott says:

That was so satisfying when he said "delicious"

Twichesimpletwo says:

why not just add the chicken last :''D logic…..

Ket ija says:

Holly is such a legend!

Elle Tyson says:

why are they babie shopping? i havent had time to watch the vlogs ????

jastyle 01 says:

hey hope you have a good day notification squad!?!?!

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