American Airlines Flight Attendant Whacks Mom with Baby Stroller Holding Twin Babies

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American Airlines Flight Attendant Whacks Mom with Baby Stroller Holding Twin Babies
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American Airlines has removed an employee from duty after an ugly clash over a baby’s pram in San Francisco.
A passenger who uploaded video of the aftermath of the incident said a mother had been struck with the pram as it was forcibly removed by the employee.
The video shows the employee saying, “Hit me! Come on, bring it on”, when challenged by another male passenger.
American Airlines said it was “deeply sorry for the pain we have caused” the woman passenger and her family.
The incident follows another high-profile clash on a United Airlines plane two weeks ago, when a passenger was violently removed from an overbooked flight.
United Airlines’ public relations disaster
The American Airlines incident took place at San Francisco International Airport as flight 591 prepared to take off for Dallas/Fort Worth.
Passenger Surain Adyanthaya, who posted the video to Facebook, said that preceding the footage the employee had “violently” taken the pram from the mother, hitting her and narrowly missing her baby.

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Ta-Tanysha David says:

I'm sorry but I have never seen a stroller on the plane. Airlines take them from you before you enter the plane and bring them up when you land. Why would she think she would put a stroller in the overhead compartment? I would be more pissed that she was holding up my flight. Get to your seat or get off the plane. says:

yo fool doing commentary, at check-in AA told her she could carry it on, that Fat-tard attendant didn't exactly help her find a place to put the stroller, he assaulted her instead, and Fat-tard certainly wasn't going to carry that woman's child to baggage claim for her to pick up the stroller … Before making fool commentary about this woman, try taking care of a child yourself, its hard, people should be helping this woman, and NOT making her travel so damn impossible.

T MaVeety says:

scroller or stroller?

Deleted User says:

White Privilege Imploding On Itself.

Daria Cooper says:

YouTube click bait thumbnails these days – put a bright arrow overlay and bam more views! You smart.

Tony The Tiger says:

stroller….. stroller!!! good grief…. LoL

5am Newster says:

Damn I was expecting a bitch slap

Miss Amanda's world says:

She is crying because she doesn't understand. She is Argentinian and speaks very little rough English plus is probably exhausted if has twin toddlers

W John says:

You keep saying scroller, did you mean stroller?

Von says:

tony sit down tony sit down please lol

FeaR Endless says:

issa nother L

J Mc says:

she was crying because of the way the flight attendant was treating her he needs a reality check look at what happened to the Dr from the united airlines flight they treated him wrong to he suffered a concussion and 2 teeth to get nocked out

Jason Li says:

first came UNITED, then came AMERICAN

KaleidoscopeMystic says:

AA = airline of assholes

showmethedammovie says:

Same man went ballistic when the twins and mom was all crying for the last 3 hours of the flight.

Katie Goble says:

"why are you crying ?" listen dude I don't know this woman or her back story she could have an anxiety disorder. and plus evreyones looking at you and freaking out and somones screaming at you I would cry out of pure stress

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