👶🏼SUMMER CLOTHES SHOPPING!👗 10 Month Baby Checkup! 💉

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Brooks had his 9 month / 10 month baby checkup and vaccines. 😢 We shopped at H&M for the FIRST TIME and found some great deals. 🙊
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Joellen Hall says:

he get big

texaslady1973 says:

I can't believe that Brooks is 10 months old already!!!

Tweety2017 says:

Bad counter lol ☺

Tina Rehs says:

Brooks looks so cute with his hair spiked in a mohawk.

Ashley Haskins says:

Love the vlog

Lindsey Applegate says:

Gaines modeling her dresses was so adorable. She's got the cutest personality. And when did Brooks get so big? I can't get over how cute he is.

Megan Elizabeth says:

Holy crap Gaines is tiny! 12 month shorts! How old is she?

Jeanette Young says:

what color lipsence are you wearing?

❤KDETONE❤ says:

It amazes me how little Gaines is and how well she speaks. She talks like a 5 year old and obviously thinks like a 5 year old too. She's certainly a smart cookie. She's the cutest.

Joann Abaygar says:

my son wore a few bottoms for like two or three years cuz his weist is so small.

Joann Abaygar says:

my son the same. i have trouble buying him clothes at times. my son six years old. and his bottoms are a size or two smaller than his tops. i buy his tops in size 5/6t or xs or s. then his bottom i buy a size 4 or 5 depending id it has adjustable straps inside

The Dibs Life says:

The clothes you got Brooks is so cute! My husband and I keep looking at baby clothes, we're so excited to find out the gender Monday!!

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