👙👶🏻Summer BABY CLOTHES Shopping💦

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Kendra goes baby clothes shopping for the summer! Our 4 older kids go to gymnastics. Elise vlogs tag at Chick-fil-A and Laura kisses the viewers good night💋

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Fabricius Vieira says:

I love you and your family is the best

Ethan Lockldear says:

Lol I'm 13 and I can't stand getting up in the morning

Andrea Roa says:

One time I was trying too get potato bugs but I started to feel scratchy all over me then I had to get this VERY YUCKY!!!! Medicine it was very thick!!!!!!!!!!!! But main point I had really big red bumps all over me because of those plants…….
But that was at my old house cause I just moved houses!!!!!!!!!! Lol love you guys so much! Love u too Laura our sweet little princess

Ali T says:

To Kendra: you are so inspiring to me! It truly is my dream to follow God, be a wife, and a homeschooling mother to 5 children! That sounds like way too huge of a coincidence, but I promise it's the truth! So when I come across a family like yours, it is SUCH a blessing to see that it is indeed a possible dream to achieve! Thank you for the beautiful testimony of your lives! I pray for God's richest blessings upon all 7 of you! Xo,Ali

Ella Nelson says:

Laura is so cute

Caiden Brady says:

hi I have a little story for every body your little baby is so so so so so so so so so so cute

jenni Linnenbrink says:

Kendra if you ever wrote a book I would do read it.

Loretta Harrison says:

I ❤️your vid videos

Rick Smith says:

I love you too Laura!

TinyTwinkle 5975 says:

Miss. Sassy Laura,
Please come to the desk to talk about your sassyness! :^P

Celestyn wong says:

Laura is so adorable.

Eva Mcgarvey says:

Hi love you soooo much Laura is the best singer and dancer Elise is kind xxx can I get a shoutout

Kaydence Delon says:

I want to be a chemist and a bobsleder or a figure skater

Marchuzzie Zagado says:

Have a wonderful rest of the day I love your videos everybody in my family loves your videos we are watching your videos right now have a fun summer……God bless

dena mohammad says:

do they ever go to school ??????

eva diva vlogs says:

two years ago at chickflia i chipped my tooth in the play area even know i was way too old for the play area and now i have a fear of playground's

Aubreanna Gardner says:

its my birthday can i get 9000 likes because im turing 9

kaylyn weaks says:

The ending is so cute

Charlotte Greenhalgh says:

Do keep the kids in gymnastics! They all have so much potential. If Laura wants to be a dancer keep her in gymnastics. It will help with Dane in the future trust me I have experience. Haha! Love you guys!!!

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